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COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me

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my response to everything is either no or i don’t know.

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"You deserve to be with somebody who will drive three hours, just to see you for one."
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are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?

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one difference between cats and dogs is that dogs do absolutely nothing to mask their clinginess while cats pretend it’s a coincidence they’re in the same room as you 97% of the time

"The fact I am laying on your face means nothing"

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What if you went to a parallel universe and were going to meet your evil self but the version of you there is actually really nice and you’re the asshole

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maybe i’ll be hot tomorrow 

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  • boy: what u wearin? ;)
  • me: Prada spring/summer 2013 fur coat with daisy appliqué and archive Margiela tabi boots



Men look so ugly masturbating how does that make u feel

jokes on you i look ugly all the time damn wassup how u feel 

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pickup line: hey girl do you want to make a fragile human connection in the vast and unfeeling infinity of a chaotic universe

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i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.

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What you said: I’m from Australia

What they heard: G’day mate, crikey this weather’s crazy. I’ll put another shrimp on the barbie after I ride my kangaroo, stone the flamin crows mate I think a dingo ate my baby.

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  • Juliet: nah i got snapchat tho ;)